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    1. Company Profile

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          The 1994 Nobel prize winner George A Professor Ola predicted: as traditional fossil energy depletion, environmental destruction of nuclear risks increasingly prominent, human to clean, sustainable energy demand is more and more urgent, the essence of energy revolution in twenty-first Century is a clean energy revolution.

          Hydrogen is recognized as a clean energy in the world, and hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. There are many ways to produce hydrogen, and we can get hydrogen from water and hydrocarbons. Hydrogen energy can be regarded as a renewable resource without exhaustion. All countries in the world attach great importance to the development of hydrogen energy, especially the developed countries such as the United States and Britain have fully realized the revolutionary significance of hydrogen energy, and put forward the concept of hydrogen economy instead of fossil energy. Hydrogen fuel cell is the key device for the application of hydrogen energy. Hydrogen fuel cell has important applications in many fields, such as power, automobile, communication, consumer electronics and so on. The popularization and application of fuel cell has far-reaching significance for China's energy structure adjustment and environmental protection.

          GPTFC (Jiangsu GPTFC System Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of fuel cells. Since the founding of the company, focusing on the field of fuel cell, fuel cell core components of main raw materials, the industry has been achieved, in September 2013 the company completed the first domestic low cost small batch fuel cell stack in the production line, in the industrialization of fuel cell technology in the domestic leading position. The company's engineering technology center has a full range of fuel cell raw materials development and equipment testing equipment. By August 2015, 17 patents were applied for national invention patents, 17 utility model patents were applied, and all the products had core intellectual property rights through independent innovation.

          Company Vision

          It is our core responsibility to provide a better clean power supply for customers. We will grasp the needs of customers, and continue to innovate, continuously reduce product costs and improve product performance and quality, and gradually grow into the leading technology and market share leading fuel cell enterprises.

          Development Strategy

          Take the uninterruptible power market as the main target market, respond quickly and meet the needs of customers, and provide a clean and power supply solution with high quality and low cost through large-scale and standardized production.

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